CNA Training Programs Online – Advantages and Cost

Nowadays, there is a lot of opportunity to do a CNA training program online. This opportunity is mainly provided for those who have the desire to do a CNA training program but are unable to take time from their busy schedules to undergo the full-fledged regular training program. Many people, who might aspire to become a certified nursing assistant, find it a challenge to spend time and resources to pursue a CNA certificate as they are tied to various responsibilities. Most individuals are not aware of the fact that such an opportunity exists.

Advantages of doing an online CNA course:

•    The advantages of doing an online training course is that, it does not require the individual to allot separate time to attend the CNA training classes but can take up the classes from anywhere.
•    The individual can also schedule their own timings and hence undergo the training as per their convenience. The online course is most beneficial for those already   holding a job or studying and longing to become a CNA but finding it hard to participate in the regular training programs due to their tight schedules. They can always opt for the online course.
•    The online program is found to be very effective as it enhances the learning or understanding ability of the individual. This is because even if the individual has missed or failed to understand any aspect of the subject they can always replay the recorded video and listen to it over and over again.
CNA Eligibility Criteria:
The candidates eligible to apply for the CNA training program need to meet the required criteria. A list of the necessary criteria is stated as following: –
•    Candidates should be 18 years or above.
•    They should possess a High School Diploma or GED.
•    They are required to pass an aptitude test which assesses their reading, writing and learning abilities.
•    In some programs it is necessary to get a CPR certificate either during the course of the training or previously.
•    It is compulsory to get an overall health check up and be screened for tuberculosis. It is also mandatory to provide the evidence of vaccines received.
•    A stringent check for any criminal record and drug clearance screening is inevitable.

CNA Course details:

A CNA training program includes theory and practical training as a part of its syllabus. The theory portion includes a syllabus which equips the students to pass the state competitive exam. The topics taught in the online course may be basic nursing theory, nutrition, human physiology and anatomy, infection control, fundamental bedside nursing duties, social service and information on client rights. Once the theory course is completed online, the students are required to physically attend the lab classes in order to get hands-on experience.

After completion of the entire online course, the students have to write the state certification exam in order to obtain the CNA certificate. The examination format contains a written test, which comprises of multiple-choice and a practical test so as to assess the students’ nursing skills.
Cost factors:

The cost to do an online course depends on the model of the online training program chosen. The online courses are generally more expensive than the regular training program but it is highly flexible and can be paid in instalments before the completion of the program. Free online courses are also available but they may not provide any clinical experience and cover the complete syllabus. The free online courses may not offer any certification. Thus it is very essential to join a good, recognized and reputed on-line training program

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